Provide real-time IT support and customer service to employees and customers anywhere in the world. Tech Verb’s Support Center helps you decrease costs while increasing your support team's productivity. Support representatives can address questions, perform fast fixes, access remote computers, upgrade software, and provide service to internal and external clients anytime, anywhere.

Tech Verb’s Support Center helps you:

  • Improve the customer experience, decrease time-to-resolution, and maximize team efficiency.
  • View customers' screens, collect system information, and control desktops to resolve issues fast.
  • Easily monitor, queue, and route support requests.
  • Provide personalized support and facilitate communication between customers and representatives using high-quality video.

Remote Support

Tech Verb’s Remote Support provides instant support sessions. It includes the following features:

  • Automatic routing of support requests to a representative's queue
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for file transfers
  • Integrated video and voice conferencing, including high-quality video
  • Up to eight concurrent sessions with five participants in each

Remote Access

Tech Verb’s Remote Access helps provide quality technical support by accessing unattended computers.

  • Access and control for remote desktops or specific applications
  • Easy file and folder transfer to apply patches and updates
  • Record, edit, and playback functionality for remote sessions for archives and auditing